Dr. Larry Mages Photos

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Dr. Mages performing a dental exam on a stallion
Dr. Larry with a 6 yr. old stallion getting ready for dental exam and floating of teeth.

Upper right molars on a stallion
Upper right molars on 6 yr. old stallion, note wolftooth in front of molars. Owner & Dr. Larry decided in unison to leave wolfteeth intact as they do not interfere with bit, or cause any other problem or discomfort for this mild mannered stallion.

Dr. Mages with a newborn puppy
Dr. Mages with a brand new much smaller patient.
(Hey no first name here buddy, you haven't had your first meal yet.)

Dr. Larry's Lab and Pharmacy
Part of Dr. Larry's lab / pharmacy

Dr. Larry working with large animals
Another part of Dr. Larry's world. The girls are just lining up.

Dr. Larry performing surgery
Dr. Larry starting surgery on patient with belly hernia.

Dr. Larry doing a wellness checkup on a dog
Dr. Larry doing a wellness checkup on Jarmy.

Dr. Larry on site during a farm call
Dr. Larry on an early morning farm call. It would indeed be a long day.

Dr. Mages up close with a horse
Dr. Larry enjoys an occasional close and tender moment with a patient...