Puppy Classes 2010 Photos

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Graduating Class 01-10
2010 Puppy Graduating Class 1
They made it... Let's face it, way too many of these human's are having trouble with the "sit stay" command.

Graduating Class 02-10
2010 Puppy Graduating Class 2
After many pounds of food and many trips outside, this fine group of canines finally drug their human's over the finish line called graduation night...

Graduating Class 03-10
2010 Puppy Graduating Class 3
You better be nice to your dog or you might find yourself getting sent back to school "no mercy" here...

Graduating Class 01-10, Adult (dog that is)
2010 Adult Graduating Class 1
It's really hard to get our picture taken with these unruly humans... We have to keep turning around and make sure they are still in that sit/stay position...

Graduating Class 04-10
2010 Puppy Graduating Class 4
Yep we got them human's through this one also. We even had to use peanut butter and cookies...

Graduating Class 05-10
2010 Puppy Graduating Class 5
These humans should really start to pay attention in class. I'm sure I see some coming back for retraining...

Graduating Class 06-10
2010 Puppy Graduating Class 6
So here we are with the last class of 2010... All doggies are so happy to be done and really need a break from trying to train humans...