Puppy Classes 2011 Photos

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Graduation Class 01-2011
2011 Puppy Graduating Class 1
Finally through much snow, ice and muddy paw prints did we drag our humans across the graduation line. Lots of fun and many treats was had by all...

Graduation Class 02-2011
2011 Puppy Graduating Class 2
Well here we are wearing our graduation scarves, sure was a lot of work earning our diplomas, some of our humans should probably do this again...

Graduation Class 03-2011
2011 Puppy Graduating Class 3
Another fine group made it through 7 weeks, Gina works really hard at training our humans...

Graduation Class 04-2011
2011 Puppy Graduating Class 4
Yep we got them humans through this one also, plenty of treats must be the key...

Graduation Class 05-2011
2011 Puppy Graduating Class 5
It was a job to get through to graduation and some of us had to stop and get a treat on the way.

Graduation Class 06-2011
2011 Puppy Graduating Class 6
Made it through... distractions and all. Sure is fun to go and get the treats later...

Graduation Class 07-2011
2011 Puppy Graduating Class 7
Graduation nights are special, watching the dogs communicate with each other would change anyone's mind about it only being dumb animal's....